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“What nobody tells you about s3x”


Sex is an interesting topic everybody loves to talk about and however very few people talks rightly about it.

“What nobody tells about sex”

Let’s check out 5 points nobody tell you about.

1. It’s not just “SEX”…There is more to sex than just physical contact .Sex is as much spiritual mystery than physical fact. Whenever you have sex with someone,beyond the physical connection there is a spiritual and emotional(soul) connection too. Sex with someone who is not your marriage partner is the joining of spirits and the joining of souls. The sexual intercourse initiates the bonding of two people as they become one( soul ties).


2.”We don’t need to check sexual compatibility before marriage” .. There is a fallacy that “if you don’t check sexual compatibility of your incoming partner ,you won’t know his/her sexual capability” and that is a big ‘Lie’. You don’t need to check sexual compatibility, because that is not how marriage works. Once you make yourself available for testing there are people that would visit with the sole purpose of testing. Ask yourself this question How many people will you test before marriage?. Sexual compatibility is developed not discovered through sex .The best way to develop sexual compatibility with your incoming partner is by (Listening, Exploring and Commitment to please each other).

The best way to develop sexual compatibility with your partner is by (listening, exploring and commitment with each other )

3. “You are not the only one”..Statistically most people involved in sexual immortality are involved with more than one person .Also it has been proven that anyone having sex outside marriage is involved with at least 3 people. Once you start the practice of sexual immortality ,it becomes a lifestyle and habit that becomes difficult to manage.

Once you start the practice of sexual immortality it becomes a lifestyle and habit difficult to manage

4.”Everyone is doing it “…There is a false rumour that say..’everyone is having sex,there is no virgin’. Which is another big ‘lie’ .Surprisingly, there are still many people that are not involved in sexual immortality ,don’t be under pressure or delusion to believe that everyone is involved in it .Sex is not normal if you are not married .It is normal to be tempted but is not normal to fornication. Being a virgin before marriage is a great asset .

Virginity is a great asset

5.”Sex is not Love”..Don’t fool yourself! Don’t sleep with someone in the name of ‘love’, If you are not married. If they love you, they will wait for you. Love is more exhibited by self control than the lack of self control. If sex is love all prostitution will be in love..

Don’t fool yourself. Love is not sex

Love and Value yourself


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