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The Use Of Profane Words Doesn’t Make A Hit Song – Kaywa


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Highly Spiritual Music, David Kojo Kyei popularly known in showbiz as Kaywa has disclosed in an interview with with GCB radio host Amansan Krakye that what makes a song hit isn’t about using profane words.

According to Kaywa, he always advisea his artistes not to use profane words in their quest to get a hit song

“The truth is that I always advise artistes that I produced against the use of profane lyrics in their songs. On my part that is my difficulty every time so I try as much as possible to talk to the artiste that getting a hit song doesn’t necessarily mean “use profane in your songs”.

The award-winning sound engineer said also added that there is a trend in Ghana which promotes the use of profanity in songs because most artistes think that it would help them to be easily recognized as a hit but that is not always the case.

“There is a trend in Ghana that when you do profane songs you easily become a hit. But I try my possible best using Christian morals to explain to people that you don’t have to necessarily sing profanity to make it because Christianity doesn’t promote profanity.

He concluded “I talk to them and encourage them not to get themselves into doing that and that’s how far I could go. In all that, it is suggestive but not imposing my will on anybody because accepting Christ is a personal decision”.


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