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Street hustlers never give up – Medikal To hustlers


Ghanaian rapper and AMG Business singer Medikal has used his Instagram handle to motivates his fans by sharing the financial problems he experienced in school.

According to him he was sacked twice from school as he was told he does not belong there but that didn’t discourage him as he now lives better most of his teachers who sacked him

He further encourages hustlers on the street to keep their heads up and keep grinding because he was once on the street but hard work has blessed his pocket #TooMuchMoney

Monday motivation This for all my street hustlers Never give up they sack @amgmedikal from school twice and told him that he does not belong there 


but @amgmedikal never gave up on his dreams because what his teachers said about him he knew he is a bread winner school is not only the options my street hustlers u can still make it big through other ligal Businesses now u can see that Medikal is leaving a better life than some of the teacher’s who sacked him. let The true life story of @amgmedikal let this motivate you the hustler on the streets Let’s keep proving them wrong 


#amgbusiness .


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