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If you’re working, work hard and do not put your eye on anybody -Krymi


Ghanaian artiste Henry Nuamah, popularly known as Krymi has revealed that one of the things guiding him in life is his uncle’s advise that in life nobody owes him a favour.

He said “One of my uncle’s told me something. He said nobody owes you any favour. Everybody would do what they want to do either for you, with you or against you.

“Because they decide to do it themselves or they feel that’s what is going to help them. Nobody actually owes you any favour so people will support you when they feel it is right for them to do it or it’s beneficial”.

He revealed that people will support you either they love you genuinely or they have some intended benefits attached to the support but in all he advised that God is the ultimate helper because people can disappoint you big time.

Krymi speaking in an exclusive interview on GBC Radio Central with Cape Coast’s finest radio presenter, Amansan Krakye monitored by newshubgh.com, revealed that this golden advice from his uncle has made him concentrate on working hard whether people support him or not.

He added “So if you’re working, work hard and do not put your eye on anybody. Put your eye on God and put your trust in God. And know that people will help you either they love you or they want something from you.

“It has been in the back of my head. I’m working hard and if people come to support Hallelujah. If they don’t I’m still working hard”.


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