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I lost weight due to personal reasons and rebranding- Kurl Songx


Hiplife musician Kelvin Agyekum popularly known as Kurl Songx has revealed why he has been off the music scene for quite a long time.

Preceding to his long-silence, the musician about a month ago shared a photo of himself looking slim and slender.

The picture after he posted got fans worried because he seemed very different from the nice looking and thick tall stature he first appeared with into the music scene.

Some inquisitive fans drew the conclusion that the ‘Jennifer Lomotey’ hit-maker sudden weight loss is due to financial difficulties owing to not playing shows because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Well, the singer has spoken on his new look in a recent interview with Amansan Krakye on GBC Radio Central.

Kurl Songx after he was asked by the host his reasons for the weight loss revealed that it was a personal decision to lose weight but not as people have speculated that it’s due to severe hunger.

“As an artist, you need to be in shape. It was just a decision to lose weight a bit. So it wasn’t like Kurl Songx is now slim because of hunger. By the grace of God, we’re not left out when the almighty God is sharing His blessings. So by the grace of God, I’m fine”.

He hinted in the interview that he will soon drop some bangers very soon, he’still in preparation.


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