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Ghana’s 2020 elections should be canceled – Maxwell Kofi Jumah


Maxwell Kofi Jumah, a previous Mayor of Kumasi has opined that because of the overwhelming idea of COVID-19, the 2020 general races ought to be dropped.

He said the wellbeing of residents ought to be fundamental subsequently the need to defer the December races till further notification. The free thinker legislator likewise said Ghana Ian as of now in capable hands along these lines not casting a ballot this year won’t carry issues to the nation. He noticed that Ghana is fortunate to have had Akufo-Addo as her pioneer at this especially disturbing time since he’s a keen man and an issue solver.

“Ghana is lucky to have had a President like Akufo-Addo at this point in time. The man is an intelligent man. He’s a problem solver and balances life and work so perfectly. I’ve friends abroad who call to tell me how Intelligent our President is and I’m so proud of him.”

“For me, I think we shouldn’t vote this year. As we have managed the coronavirus very well, there’s the need to also move to neighbouring countries to help them in their fight so that we can be safe after we’re done handling ours. This is because If they’re not safe, it means we are also not safe,” he told the host of Accra FM Morning show.Maxwell Kofi Jumah


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