List Of The Billion Cedis Worth Of Properties Acquired By Eugene Arhin Under Akufo Addo


NPP’s Eugene Arhin is currently trending on the internet after his wife who is alleged to have been abused by the Communications Director at the Presidency filed for a divorce from him on the grounds of cheating and other inside matters which is yet to be properly known.

Well, amazingly, the wife is demanding 32 houses, 5 cars and other million cedis worth of properties from the NPP bigwig on the count that they were all acquired within the space of just 4 years after the walked down the aisle.

A section of socail users who are staunch political critics have strongly submitted that, Eugene Arhin’s hardwork alone can’t get him those billion cedis worth of properties within that short period if time, hence he might have “stolen” from the national coffers.

This sentiments have raised a hot argument on the local digital space as socail media users who are part time detectives are digging deep to find out how Eugene Arhin could acquire all those properties within a twinkling.

Well, we all cant tell tthe other streams of business which has made Eugene Arhin a wealthy man overnight but we cant point out his properties.

Check out the list of Eugene Arhin’s billion cedis worth of properties below.

Eugene Arhin owns 16 big flats at Bubuashie. Another 16 flats at Weija plus another 16-Storey building at Teshie and house at AU Village.

He also owns House at La, another house at Senya Berekum. Another House at the waterfront in Ada Foah. A 5-bedroom house at East Legon which is the matrimonial home of the couple on a 2 plot of land at East Legon and 3K barbering shop at Teshie.

The NPP firebramd also has 5 luxury cars which were all acquired within 2 years one Ford F150, Toyota Avalon GR 7108-18, Toyota Lexus GE 4646-18, Toyota Tundra GE7108-18, Hyundai Elantra GE 4646-19.

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