Exclusive Photos Of Eugene Arhin’s Sidechick Who Caused His Divorce Surfaces Online


Eugene Arhin’s wife has filed for a divorce from him for allegedly cheating and physically abusing her on a daily.

The estranged Communications Director at the Presidency is currently swimming in a pool of hot water as more dirty secrets of his keep drooping on the internet succeeding his trending divorce saga.

Exclusive news on the streets has it that, the lady who caused Hon, Kan Dapaah’s downfall last year January after leaking his bedroom video, is the same “Jezebel” who has brought woes unto Eugene Arhin.

Much is yet to be known about this new development. However, we have managed to get pictures of this hardcore slayqueen Chantel Kujawu who always serves our leaders with bitter pills after their bedroom encounters

Check out the photos below to know more…

Source: Gossips24.com


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