Lady Videos Her Boyfriend Washing Ladies ‘Pi0to’ To Prove His Love


There is a viral video of a man washing his girlfriend undies and this has gotten social media buzzing

As we are know washing the undies of your girlfriend or even your wife is a taboo among most ethnic groups in Ghana but here is a young man busily doing that to someone he isn’t married to yet.

When friends or family see you doing so, they may send you to a Pastor for deliverance aside the mockery that comes with it.

It’s believed that a woman’s pantie is kind of ‘sacred’, so your power as a man would be weakened when you wash them and your wife/girlfriend would rather have dominion over you as the man.

The guy didn’t know he was being filmed and when he realised, he tried to hide his face. There were mixed reactions after the video found its way onto the internet.

While a section of social media users hailed him for being a true gentleman who values his woman, others condemned him and said that no sane man is supposed to wash his wife’s underwear.

Watch video here;


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