4-year-old boy reports mother to the police for almost killing his baby brother


A 4-year-old boy, Obrempong Takyi Frimpong has reported his mother to the police for mistakenly making his baby brother fall.

The said event took place in Donyina in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Apparently, the mother of the young boy was bathing his baby brother when he mistakenly slipped and fell into the water basin.

Obrempong having witnessed the incident questioned his mother that why is he trying to kill his brother?

The mother who was much concentrated on picking up his little brother and continuing with the bathing didn’t give him any attention.

Unbeknownst to her, this little boy walked to the police station to report her that she’s killing his little brother.

The police who felt alarmed came to the house to verify the little boy’s report.

It is then that the mother explained to them what actually happened.

Watch the video below:


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