#ElectionDay: Kanye West blasted by angry fans after ‘wasting’ presidential vote on himself


American rapper Kanye West has confirmed voting for himself in a video he share via Twitter.

Taking to Twitter the rapper who how happy he felt voting for the first in his life.

From the video Kanye West only voted for himself and his fans find it annoying as they react to his post.

Below are some of the comments from fans

“What a way to waste a vote Kanye. You’re not even in the running!” another fumed.

“Oh, dear lord. I simply don’t have any words for this man. Idiotic maybe!” a third echoed.

Meanwhile, others praised the proud dad-of-four for casting his first presidential vote.

“Good man Kanye. At least you voted for someone you can trust like you say” encouraged one fan.

“You voted for the best candidate in my opinion man!” another agreed.


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