Adorable Photos of The Curvy Mathematics Teacher Who Got Social Media Buzzing


Most students would prefer a female teacher to a male one for many personal reasons and probably one of the reasons includes their attractiveness. In this article, we’ll look at Lulu Menziwa, the 26-year-old beautiful mathematics teacher making waves with her unique lifestyle

South Africa Instagram sensation who looks much more of a beauty queen than a teacher has over 150,000 followers on her Instagram page and it is not surprising since her charming looks will want any admirer to keep coming back for more.

The diva has gained a reputation of being the world prettiest teacher due to obvious reasons and her endowed figure which most ladies crave to have. While most people are concerned that she will distract her students, Lulu clapped back at them saying her pupils are not perverts.

Apart from her regular High School Teaching job, Lulu is a fashionista with stunning curves and is the boss of a clothing line called “MadamBClothing”.  Her keen sense of fashion makes many people wonder if her master’s degree in mathematics is really worth it.


Check out some photos of Lulu below:



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