SM Fan in “High Heaven” After Meeting His Idol Shatta Wale Inside The Studios Of Hitz FM


A trotro driver with his bus filled with passengers going to work driving on the Hitz FM road, upon seeing Shatta Wale enter the studio he stopped his car and wanted to just see Shatta Wale.

Some of the passengers were furious because they were late for work and some also were murmuring because it wasn’t their favorite artiste. One Passenger Said ” Who At All Is Shatta Wale For You To Stop The Bus Knowing We Are Late For Work”.. The Driver Upon Hearing That Asked All the passengers to descend from the bus and take their money.

The driver tried to fight his way to see Shatta Wale, until the security came to calm the issue. Shatta Wale heard about the trotro driver and asked to see him. The driver came into the studio went on his knees, took off his shirt and to a surprise,  he had a tattoo of Shatta Wale at his back.

Shatta Wale asked for the drivers number but he had no phone. Shatta Wale wanted to give him money to replenish the loss he made but he refused. He cried and said he only wanted to see him.


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