‘You will beg to die and even death will forsake you’- Selly Galley rain Curses on Lady for calling her Barren and Ugly


TV Personality, Selly Galley has taken to social media to rain curses on a young lady for calling her barren and also ugly not once or twice.

According to Selly Galley, the lady who is identified as Henewaa Piesie has once said those hash words to her but she let it slide but this time around she rained curses on her.

From what newshubgh.com gathered from the long piece on her IG page the said lady would not live to prosper and be happy adding that she would have a lifetime of bad luck and depression.

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Again she has indicated that anything Henewaa Piesie touches, says, or does will bring her unexplainable misery and that her generation would continually experience infertility, unhappiness, madness, and misery .

As if the curses are not enough , Selly Galley has also indicated that Henewaa Piesie would have every pain she has had in her life transferred to her and that God should transfer all good plans meant for Henewaa Piesie to other women who are waiting on the Lord for children.

Quite unfortunately, Selly Galley has cursed Henewaa Piesie in a very bad way saying that may death even forsake Henewaa if she begs for death to come her way adding that God did not create her (Selly Galley) a barren woman.


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