Bride leaves groom at the altar after finding out her husband-to-be slept with her friend (Video)


A bride who was preparing to be joined together in holy matrimony with her lover abandoned the wedding after finding out her husband-to-be has once been in bed with her friend.

With frustration and heartbreak, this lady who was clad in her wedding gown stormed out of the precincts of the ceremony unto the street as he vents her anger at her husband-to-be.

As usual, friends and families who have come from near and far to honour their union had to go on their knees to beg her to reconsider her decision but it felt on deaf ears.

Her bridesmaids were concerned about her safety as they feared she may visit some physical torture or harm on herself out of the quantum of pain and feeling of betrayal in her heart.

The puzzle of the whole incident is how she was only able to find out about the infidelity of her husband-to-be on their wedding day. A question for the gods.

Watch Moment Below:


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