Persons With Duplicate ID numbers Can Still Vote – EC


The Electoral commission EC has cleared the air about the duplicate voter ID which is currently making social media buzz.

According to the EC, person with the duplicate can still vote come 7th December 2020, for the duplication has no effect to the voting.

Below is what Dr Quaicoe said;

 “I also want to establish that, but because of possible use of the ID card for other purposes [such as bank transactions], for voting the [duplicate] ID numbers will not have any effect, because if you go there [voting centre], your biometrics will be scanned, your picture will appear, you will be verified biometrically and you will vote, it has nothing to do with the ID card [number], but because people normally use the ID card for other purposes, that is why we decided to change [them].”

“I want to explain again that, whether you have an ID card or not, on the 7th December, once you are duly registered, you can still vote,” the Director of Elections at the EC, Dr Serebour Quaicoe said this in a television interview on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana programme monitored by Graphic Online on Thursday night [September 24, 2020].

Dr Quaicoe gave the explanation when the host of the television programme, Paul Adom Otchere phoned him and asked him about the means through which the Commission was reaching out to voters affected by the duplicate ID numbers and how they were getting them to pick up their new ID cards before Election Day noting that it is not everybody who will go to an exhibition centre to verify their details.

Dr Quaicoe explained that, “if the Commission had not informed the people, that there has been duplicate of ID card [numbers], they wouldn’t have known… the video that was leaked and we said it is misleading, if you listen to the voice over, it said that we are doing registration, that is what the video was saying, [but] the people were not doing registration, they were only laminating, so the misleading part we said was in reference to the voice over that said we were doing new registration. Nobody is denying the fact that the ID cards were being laminated, but it was not new registration.”


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