Video: Larruso knocked down by motor while shooting a music video


Jadon Shatta signee Larruso breaks his leg while shooting a video with Kwame Vybz. In the video sighted by, Larruso was shooting the remix of control with Kwame Vybz but unfortunately had an accident.

In the video captured, a young guy on a motor was at the back of Larruso whiles Kwame Vybz stands in frontĀ of Larruso.

In a twinkle of an eye,the guy with the motor rushed the motor on Larruso were he felt down.


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As matter of fact, we about to hear words from the guy who knocked Larruso down with the Motor.

In some opinion, others said he intentionally but in others, it was a scene of the video shoot.

Guys rushed to Larruso immediately after he knocked by the motor to see was it a severe accident or not





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