Video: Kissing and fondling women for free in movies inspired me to become an actor – James Gardiner reveals


Ghanaian  actor James Gardiner also known as Mr. Amazing has openly revealed what inspired him to become an actor. Acording to him his inspiration came about  after he got to know that he could kiss and fondle women for free whiles shooting movies.

James Gardiner made this revelation during an interview with Abeiku Santana on UTV’s Atuu program.

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According him;

“I met a fine half-caste lady at the audition and during the audition, I was made to understand that I had to play a romance scene. So I asked the director, do I have to kiss her, and he said yes. Suddenly I told myself that, I have to get on board because I’m going to have the opportunity to kiss women. Right there I told myself that, I would be a fool if I don’t do this job. James also admitted that, he enjoys kissing beautiful ladies in movies.”

Check out the video below to know more…




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