Be Humble, Money Can’t Give You Everlasting Life – Fans Slam Afia Schwarzenegger


Aficionados of Ghana’s most discussed female humorist, Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa, otherwise known as Afia Schwarzenegger, have seriously censured her for being egotistic of her accomplishments via online media.

The ‘Sovereign of Ghana’s satire’ had boasted on Facebook that her month to month tithe was much the same as somebody’s yearly compensation.

“Your yearly compensation/salary is my month to month tithe Shut up!!!!!!!” she gloated.

Nonetheless, her fans who were disappointed with the said remark, pummeled her truism her presumption is incalculable.

A large portion of the remarks kind of admonished the disputable media character to be unassuming since cash couldn’t give her life never-ending.

One Luwiza S Musonda expressed: “when God favors you don’t ridicule the individuals who don’t have or the individuals who gain nearly nothing, consistently recollect that cash can make you amazing however can’t give you never-ending life be modest”.

“Toward the end samale will deal with your body either rich or poor so be unassuming so we need to lower ourselves”, said Baba Rufai.

Rita Naa Momo Okley additionally stated: “You excessively shut up on the grounds that yours is another person’s offering and such individuals are not in any event, talking”.

Rita Mckay stated: “When you have cash remember the days you didn’t have anything. God raises the modest n debase the glad. The Lord is our approval supplier”.

Sewu Vincentia: “Recollect additionally that your month to month tithe is somebody’s morning meal so u too for make consistent”.

“Your yearly income also is somebody’s 1 hour lunch cash Mtchwwww”, said Laari.

Samuel Smilla Kwofie poked: “All that u have now is someone else’s gift to good cause so shut up !!!”


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