Ghanaian Politicians are The New Slave Masters – Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah




Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah
Host of EPA HOA DAB3N On Happy 98.9 FM joined DR. REN his fellow Anchor and radio host of THE FACTS AND THE TRUTH on GN RADIO UK in London every Monday to Friday from 8am to 11am for discussions on the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day of Ghana on Monday September 21, 2020.

When asked on the current state  of Ghana, how far we have come and what we need to do as citizens to add to the gains of our fore father and the founders of the land .

Okatakyie answered that in Ghana we do Politics and governance.

According to the Youth President of Ghana , politics and governance are not the same , we mostly confuse the two.

In politics we do NDC, NPP .

In governance there’s a collective effort by all and sundry to build a nation.

Because we do Politics right after elections politicians start to do campaign  for thier political parties for the next elections as a result we remain stagnant wandering around and about.

Dr. REN in asking where do we go from here. Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah said we are going nowhere.

Throwing more light on that, Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah said our leaders are marking time and pretending to  develop the country but are not developing it.

“I met a man age 67 and he said he has been applying Kumasi to Accra road since he was young and always see contractors on the  road acting as if the are constructing our road but till date the Accra to Kumasi remains same.”

The roads are bad and full of pot holes no wonder the numerous occurance of accidents.

Our politicians pretend to be working but they are not!

At the President’s Meet The Press i asked Mr. President whether we building a temporary Ghana or a permanent one.

For me it beats my imagination as to where we are going as a nation, for we have no direction whatsoever.

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We mostly hear our politicians say we’re a developing nation and aspire to be like Canada,  U.S.A London etc who are developed but we do contrary.

When it comes to construction of road  we construct roads with open gutters in a modern world, how come?

As far back as 1964 Dr. Kwame Nkrumah build the Tema motor way which the purpose was to create the golden triangle where cars coming from Aflao goes all the way to Elubo , then from Accra Kwame Nkrumah  Circle interchange will link the motorway through Kumasi to Nothern Region.

Back then we had fewer cars but Nkrumah thought of dualization of our roads.

Today our politicians can’t even build double road from Accra to Kumasi.

Our today’s politicians see every opportunity to enrich themselves.

Our politicians will not and never will develop Ghana permanently, you know why because THEY MAKE CAPITAL OUT OF THE PEOPLE’S MISERY.

Politicians deliberately do shoddy work just to make capital gains out of it.

All our politicians know is to enrich themselves and their families and do not and never care about Ghana they use knee jerk reaction to solve our problems.

After 60 years of independence, apart from Accra and Kumasi no other part of the country has seen any major development.

It is only in election period they act as if they are developing the towns and villages and all this is as a result of luring the people for votes , after election no development.

Then back to do Politics enriching themselves and families.

Our politicians build a health system which they can’t trust and so whenever they get sick, they fly out.

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“Dr. REN you live in the UK  when have you seen Boris Johnson leave UK to Ghana for medical check up.

How can our politicians build a school system but do not allow their own children to enroll but rather send them to USA, Canada, London etc.

It tells you how our own politicians dont even believe in the system and development of our country.

If you ask me i see no development,  i see a bunch of people who have turn themselves into the new slave masters and enslaving their own black people.

They act and behave like demi gods over their own people.

The kind of leadership Kwame Nkrumah build , having a foresight and a vision i don’t see that in our today’s politicians here in Ghana.

About 99% of Ghanaian politicians go into politics not to serve but to enrich themselves and their families.

We simply cannot continue this way, hence the time to emancipate our people is now and that is exactly what i have been doing here in Ghana and so i ask all Ghanaians living in London and Europe to come on board to help build a better Ghana from the hands of our greedy politicians.

I am not afraid to speak truth afterall great men have come and gone who am i to be afraid of death.

In ending my submission, our politicians are not developing anything,  they are just like our slave masters who left us years ago.

The only difference is that, our colonial masters had white skin and our politicians have dark skin but the same mindset is what is leading us today.

Arise Ghana youth and demand development from politicians.

Yes the politician says we Ghanaians have been foolish for 28 years and so we say enough!

The time for Awakening is now!”


Written by: Dr. REN (Broadcast Journalist at GN Radio UK) based on the Submission of Katakyie Afrifa Mensah (Broadcast Journalist at Happy FM Ghana)

Edited by: Henry Kwadwo Amoako (Ghanaian Historian and Social Scientist)


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