3.3 magnitude earthquake felt in Southern England


On 8th September 2020, the Southern England, UK felt 3.3 magnitude earthquake.

Residents in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire reported feeling the quake.

One Twitter user said: “As if there was just some sort of mini earthquake in Hertfordshire. My bed shook, my windows rattled I was scared for a second.”

Another said: “What the hell was that?! Felt like an earthquake in Bedfordshire. #2020 #earthquake”

Bedfordshire Police said the force was taking a “large” number of calls from the public but no injuries have been reported.

A tweet said: “Our control room are currently experiencing a large number of calls due to an earthquake which was felt across the county. We have currently received no reports of any injuries or major structural damage.”

The earthquake is the strongest felt in recent months in the UK.

The British Geological Survey says the earthquake occurred 10km below the surface and registered it as a 3.3 magnitude.


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