Avoid Persons With Divisional Ethnic Agendas – Prez Akuffo-Addo Tells Voltarians


President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has admonished the Chiefs and people in Amedzofe in the Volta Region to avoid people who preach ethnocentrism and division among Ghanaians.

Addressing the persons gathered during the ceremony, Nana Addo said, “No one who is committed to the Ghana Project, as I am, can have an ethnic agenda. Rather, we should shun all those who would promote ethnic sentiments and divisions amongst us for selfish, partisan, political ends.

“There are people from this region, some of whom are well known to you here in Amedzofe, who serve in sensitive parts of my government and influence decisions on a daily basis. I may have my own failings, like we all do, but being a tribalist is not one of them.”

The president also defended the deployment of military officers to the Volta Region during the just ended voter registration exercise.

“The deployment of the military personnel along our borders is an ongoing nationwide exercise, and has been done across all our borders, and not in the Volta Region alone. One thousand (1,000) soldiers are the subject of this deployment, of which one hundred and sixty-three (163) are based along the borders of Volta,” he said.


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