Video: GHc404,957,427 found under the mattress of a thief by police


Police in Asia got the shock of their lives after they found £54 Million (GHc404,957,427) under the mattress of a thief when they stormed his house.

Per reports, the National Crime Agency and European forces managed to get inside a formerly secure phone system called EncroChat in an operation dubbed Operation Venetic. It is a messaging system, which is similar to WhatsApp and is only pre-loaded onto special phones which have to be specially bought. 

Criminals paid £1,500 for a six months contract to use them and could send a ‘kill code text’ which wiped everything on the customized Android handset. 

Experts in France and the Netherlands infiltrated the illegal communication network, which helped them understand what crimes gangs were planning, like in TV hit The Wire.

In the video, one of the police officers built up cases against crooks by using a device called the Triggerfish, which collected data from their phones.

Watch the video and see photos below…


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