“Ghana will collapse should journalists decide not to do their work for two days” popular presidential candidate laments.


As Ghanaians prepare to visit the polls in this year’s December elections, politicians from the various political parties have started coming out to give their numerous promises.

Newshubgh.com has chanced on an interview granted by a popular kumasi based radio station Angel FM on the Saturday, 11th July 2020.

In the interview, the presidential candidate for Ghana Freedom Party, Madam Akua Donkor stated when she is elected as president she will provide journalists with cars each.

She also included teachers and police officers in her promise but stated categorically that police officers would have to pay for the car in installment.

“This country will collapse should journalists decide not to do their work in just two days; so journalists are very important and that is why I have promised to give each of them a car when I become the president; I will also give cars to teachers but if I give cars to the policemen, they would have to pay for them on installments, but that of the journalists and teachers would be for free because their work is very difficult and essential”, stated by Madam Akua Donkor.


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