Former President Jerry John Rawlings Closes Down His Office Over COVID-19 fears


Former President Jerry John Rawlings has closed down his office for the next two weeks reasons best known to him.

Many people are thinking that the former President may have contracted Coronavirus due to the fact that he receives several visitors in a day.

Per the statement released from the office of the Former President Jerry John Rawlings, the move to close down his office is a precautionary or preventive measure against contracting the virus as there has been an increase in infection in the last few days.

The truth is that President Jerry John Rawlings has not contracted the coronavirus: he is only scared of the virus and does not want to contract it.

The move by Former President Jerry John Rawlings is a step in the right direction.

With this move, he would be saving himself the risk of contracting coronavirus.

His workers in the office would also be spared the risk of contracting the virus.

It is so much understandable why he has taken such a decision; coronavirus is deadly ,it has no respect for any person and the risk of death is very high in elderly persons.

More updates and information soon .


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