Rushing into marriage because of romance will make you bankrupt – Sonnie Badu advises women


Award-winning Ghanaian gospel singer and powerful man of God, Sonnie Badu, has advised women against rushing into marriage because of love.

Speaking in ‘The She Conference 2020’, the ordained man of God advised women to be strategic when choosing their partners because a single bad decision can ruin their entire life.

According to the award-winning singer and the head of Rock Hill Church in the U.S, women shouldn’t marry a man just because he is romantic, instead, they should be selective and strategic in their decision because their destiny has everything to do with it.

According to Sonnie Badu, love, although it’s the most common reason why a man and a woman come together, it’s not enough if you want to flourish as a woman and have a happy home.

As a woman, you just don’t go to any marriage because you are in love, he bought me a gift and he is so nice … your destiny has everything to do with it, so you have to be strategic,” he said.

He further added that marrying a man because of romance and not vision will make you end up borrowing money from others.

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