Video: Lady curses Keche Andrew with eggs for leaking her nude photos online


A viral video of a young beautiful lady cursing Ghanaian musician Keche Andrew has surfaced on the internet and fast trending.

From sources after we caught sight of the video, the Ghanaian lady who stood by the roadside to rain curses on the musician is actually the ex-girlfriend of the latter.

She is identified as Adwoa Spendlove. In our findings, the lady’s livid outburst that led to her raining curses on Keche Andrew on social media came out that the lady as at that time she was in a relationship with the musician, sent him her naked photos.

Soon after they broke up, the photos that she privately sent to Keche Andrew found its way to the public knowing well that she only sent it to him. That’s the core reason for lady’s curses on the artist.

The lady mentioned over 3 gods in Ghana and invoked curses on him. She asked the gods to kill Keche Andrew and his close friend(maybe that particular friend knows about this) as well.



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