Update: Ghana records third covid-19 death at 37 Military Hospital


Ghana has recorded its third coronavirus downfall at the 37 Military Hospital as the life partner of a two-star general falls loss.

As assembled by source, her life partner who has moreover contracted Covid-19 is in fundamental condition.

The source said the two have not to travel abroad for a long time anyway it is suspected that they may have gotten the infection when they got a bundle from the United Kingdom from a dispatch association.

Prosperity masters are by and by following the person who passed on the group similarly as other people who have been in contact with the two after they got the bundle.

Ghana directly has 68 coronavirus cases, as showed by an update from the Ghana Health Service (GHS).

This infers 15 extra cases have been attested since the last cases were pronounced under 24 hours earlier.

The contamination, since it was first recognized in the country in the no so distant past, has so far affirmed two lives.


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