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10 Ghanaian food recipes you need to know


Ghanaian food is one you cannot let go of your sight for it is very healthy and tasty due to that we bring to you the top 10 Ghanaian food recipes you should know before getting married as a lady or gentleman.

Top 10 Ghanaian food recipes

1. Banku recipe

Banku is one of the many dishes enjoyed across Ghana. It is originally from the Ga-Adangme people found along the south-eastern coast of Ghana. What makes Banku great is its sour taste derived from days of fermentation of the corn to make corn dough. Banku is nicely enjoyed with okro stew. You can also take it with grilled fish, fresh salsa-like shito, and shitor din.


  • 500g of corn dough
  • 250g cassava dough
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups of water


  • Combine the corn and cassava dough with water until smooth.
  • Transfer to high heat and keep stirring. Ensure that the dough has the right amount of moisture. If not, keep adding water.
  • Minimize the heat and allow the banku to steam in the pot.
  • Let it steam for about 5 minutes. Stir the banku once more and remove it from the heat.

Palm-nut soup recipe

  • 1 can of palm nut cream
  • 2 smoked fishes
  • 3 large tomatoes to be mashed
  • 2 large onions to be grated
  • 3 cloves garlic to be minced
  • 1 tablespoon of black pepper
  • Chilli powder
  • Salt to taste


  • Wash the smoked fish with hot water. Use boiling water if possible. Allow it to soak for about 5 minutes then cut it into medium pieces.
  • Heat the pot, and add the smoked fishes. Season with black pepper. Add garlic, tomatoes, and onions and pour the palm nuts cream in the pot.
  • Add the litre of water.
  • Add bouillon cube, chilli powder if you have, and desired amount of salt.
  • Add the fresh chillies and cover and let it simmer for slightly more than 30 minutes.
  • Check if the soup has thickened. The red oil should appear on the surface of the soup.

10 Most popular Ghanaian food you need to try

Traditional Ghanaian food is prepared from our rich such as corn, beans, millet, plantains, and cassava. Below is the list of the top 10 traditional Ghanaian cuisines you need to try once you found yourself in Ghana.

1. Fufu

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Fufu is one of the popular Ghanaian food and also the favorite of the Asanti. Fufu is a combination of cassava and plantain pounded together, eaten with a locally made soup like light soup, groundnut soup, or palm nut soup. Most Ghanaians prefer eating this food in the evening for supper while few prefer it in the morning for breakfast.

2. Akple

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Another popular traditional Ghanaian dish is Akple which is the favorite of the ewes from Volta region. Akple is uncommon to other people thus makes it unique. It is prepared from corn flour boiled with hot water and stirred to make it solid. Ewes usually eat this food with okra and ‘agbavi’.

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3. Ga kenkey

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I guess you have already heard about the popular Ga kenkey which happens to be the favorite of the Gas found in Osu, Labadi, Chorkor, Teshie, Nungua and Mamprobi. These tribe is found in the greater Accra region of Ghana. Kenkey is one of the traditional Ghanaian cuisine patronize mostly when tourists visit Africa.

4. Etew

Wondering what food is Etew right? Well this happens to be another traditional Ghanaian cuisine prepared and enjoyed mostly by the fantes from the Central, Western and Western North regions of Ghana.This food is similar to banku just that, no cassava dough is added to it when preparing it. The typical Fanti man will never miss this food.

5. Tuo Zaafi

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Another great meal you need to try is Tuo Zaafi’, popular known as TZ. Tuo Zaafi is prepared and enjoy mostly by the northerns and is best eaten with ‘Ayoyo’ soup. For the northern tribe in Ghana they use many herbs and leaves to prepare their food and TZ is an example.

6. Waakye

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Waakye is another great traditional Ghanaian dish you need to try for it’s made from beans and rice. This Ghanaian food can be served with fried plantain, garri, spaghetti and avocado.

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7. Banku and tilapia

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Oh yes we now at everyone’s favorite meal, Banku and tilapia. Banku is basically a mixture of corn dough/flour mixed with cassava dough/flour. … Tilapia is a river fish that is a delicacy in Ghana. It can be used for stew, soups and also eaten by grilling, baking and frying.

8. Red-red

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Red-red is part of traditional Ghanaian dishes you can enjoy whiles in Ghana. This local dish consists of cowpea beans boiled to make a broth, and it’s served with palm oil and soft fried plantains. It is one of the popular Ghanaian food that doesn’t use a lot of spice because the main taste comes from the ingredients it’s served with.

9. Omo tuo

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Omo Tuo also called as or rice balls are another traditional Ghanaian food in Ghana. It comprises soft boiled grains that are moulded into balls and served with a variety of soups, such as groundnut soup, palm nut.

10. Boiled yam or plantain with Kontomire stew

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Ever tried our yam and Kontomire stew? Well if no then you missing out cause it made from healthy herbs and spices. The highly nutritious Kontomire stew is made from boiled tender cocoyam leaves, salted fish and boiled eggs, and goes perfectly with boiled yams, plantains and avocado.


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